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fan, he's bowing, if you are not but are going to a party josh will arm you with some smart things to say. >> new orleans is definitely a city that knows how to party, this is the tenth super bowl they're hosting. also this morning, the gun control battle heats up after the white house releases this photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david on his birthday last august. the photo has generated lots of buzz. some claiming it was doctored so how will it play into the red hot gun debate? george stephanopoulos joins us live with more about that. >> skepticism this morning. back to football quickly, check this out, this 6-year-old girl went viral crying because she couldn't propose, propose marriage, that is, to her favorite player j.j. watt. coming up we'll show you his extraordinary response and we're going to speak to him live, as well. as we said that is coming you be we start with the breaking news overnight. an ex-navy s.e.a.l. murdered at a gun range in texas. allegedly by a troubled former marine. this comes in the middle of
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america's debate over gun control. and rising concerns about troops returning home with ptsd and reena ninan is on the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. he was 38 years old and this morning his colleagues are stunned that the man who is self-labeled as the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history was gunned down in texas. he was the man dubbed as america's deadliest sniper. a member of navy team s.e.a.l. 3 shooting targets the length of 21 football fields away. chris kyle who served four combat deployments and earned seven medals of bravery. shot at a texas gun range along with his neighbor. >> tap, racked, bang. >> reporter: audiences know him from account fares and stripe" and from his "the new york times" best-selling book, "american sniper," reportedly shot down more iraqi insurgents than anyone else. >> you were so well known by the
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iraqi insurgents you were fighting they put a $20,000 bounty on your head. is that right. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: he helped vets cope with ptsd and reintroducing them to firearms. he explained the difficulty of returning for more. >> you don't have an identity, you have to learn a whole new way to act. >> reporter: now we're learning he may have been killed by a man he was trying to help. authorities have arrested 25-year-old eddie ray ruth, a former marine believed to be suffering from ptsd. he stole chris' vehicle, fled the scene but was apprehended after a car chase. it's unclear what the motive was. overnight memorial pages were created online. a message from dean kaine, his partner on "stars and stripes." 2013 started out fantastic, now it's a heartbreak. #sadday. >> from sarah palin. chris was a wonderful man, a good friend and a true american
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hero would loved our country and served honorably." is enough being done for soldiers returning home as the war winds down in afghanistan. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. >> reena ninan, thank you for starting us off. for more let's go to chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in the middle east covering tensions in that region. this gentleman was a legend. what are you hearing from your sources in the military in terms of reaction this morning? >> reporter: well, the reaction has been overwhelming, quite honestly, dan. i have heard from so many soldiers, marines who really truly are heartbroken. chris kyle was a legend. people looked up to him. people who didn't know, they've all read his book and this morning there is just whoever gemming sadness about this. >> we have endured more than a decade of war in this country. how much of a concern is there right now about ptsd among our returning troops and will this case bring much-needed attention
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to this issue? >> reporter: well, we can only hope it will bring attention, dan, because i for one don't think the country is quite prepared for the amount of ptsd that has been suffered and now we have so many troops returning after ten years of war. something struck me that chris kyle said recently. he said "when in the military everything is for a gator good. when you return to civilian life, everything is for your own good." it's such an adjustment. you're away from your band of brothers, your band of sisters, you felt like you had a real cause. all these vets return. it is very difficult transition, they don't want to be seen as victims but there are numerous problems. there are about 20% of returning veterans who say they have some sort of ptsd or mental health issue. >> that is an enormous issue. martha raddatz with such valuable perspective on this sunday morning, thank you, martha. bianna, over to you. >> we turn to day six of the chilling siege in rural alabama
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where a 5-year-old autistic boy is being held in an underground bunker. in an odd twist negotiators are publicly thanking the gunman. gio benitez has the latest. this is a surprising development. >> reporter: it really is. you know, bianna, this public thank you is a surprise to nearly everyone here and it came in the form of a press conference. >> we've had an open line of communication with mr. dykes. >> reporter: it was an unexpected moment of gratitude. >> i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that's very important. >> reporter: the local sheriff thanking 65-year-old hostage-taker jimmy lee dykes for the care of his 5-year-old victim. >> he's told us that he has an electric heater and blankets inside that he's taking care of him. >> reporter: abc news learned dykes requested that a reporter go down into the bunker to speak with him. in these satellite images you can see how secluded the area is from the busiest pars of town in
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southern alabama. through a ventilation pipe, dykes is allowing negotiators to send ethan potato chips, coloring books, toys and medicine. >> i'm wondering if he's crying for his momma because him and his momma are very close. >> reporter: cindy steiner lives right next door to the boy ethan who has been at the center of a hostage crisis. tuesday afternoon, police say dykes got on to a school bus and after demanding two children, he shot and killed driver charles poland and kidnapped ethan. >> ethan is a very loving little boy. he has lots of energy. he loves his momma. loves to be hugged. >> reporter: that's what you told me. he's a boy that loves to be hugged. >> he'll go up to anybody and ask them for a hug. >> reporter: she says ethan's mother is deaf stated and worried. >> because of ethan being autistic, he has behavioral problems and she don't want him
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to get in one of those moods where he's uncontrollable. she's scared that would happen. >> reporter: if ethan is able to watch this right now, what would you say to him directly? >> ethan, hang tough, little man. we love you. we are praying for you. >> reporter: and now the very real possibility that ethan could spend his birthday in captivity. he turns 6 next week. dan, bianna. >> just unbelievable. almost going on a week now, this poor little 5-year-old boy. >> time for a check of the other developing stories. ron claiborne is off. john muller is in for him. >> great to see you. good morning, everybody. we begin with a major bus crash. it happened in boston, three people seriously injured when an oversized bus packed with high school students slammed into an overpass last night. some were trapped for hours under the roof. 30 others suffered minor injuries. the students had just visited harvard university and were returning home to philadelphia.
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new details on the terrorist attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey. three people reportedly arrested in connection with the suicide bombing. the bomber part of a leftist militant group had spent several years in prison on terrorism charges but was released on probation. police in dallas report no solid leads on the identity of the mass gunman who kild a texas prosecutor outside of a courthouse thursday. investigators say the murder of mark haase may have been an act of retaliation by a drug cartel or organized crime group. well, hawaii could soon become a celebrity safe haven from the paparazzi. the majority of state senators there backing the so-called steven tyler act named after the aerosmith singer that would give public figures the pow story sue over unwanted photos and video. tyler just bought a home there in maui and requested that law. finally, most of us abandon our new year's relss a long time ago but one fat cat wanted to shed unwanted wet.
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holly is about 20 pounds and her owner wants to drop about seven. apparently swimming is the only exercise holly will agree to do. is that the only house cat in the whole world who loves the water. >> i'm not sure based on the look on holly's face she loves the water. >> swimming is good exercise. >> that look says get me the aspca hot line. >> asap. >> the clock is kicking down to the kickoff of super bowl xlvii, the ravens against the 49ers, east coast against west coast and the man "gma" anchor josh elliott who we saw genuflecting at the top of the show. good morning, sir. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. good morning, everybody. was that a cat swimming? >> yes, it was. you missed it. >> reporter: wow. how does one follow a swimming cat? one comes here to new orleans,
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allow me to proselytize and perhaps my voice is testament to it. there is no city that hosts a super bowl quite like the biggest of easies and let me tell you as we look ahead to super bowl xlvii, now hours away, ah, it has never been a better time to be here as it all now comes to a head tonight. with just hours to go until kickoff, super bowl mania in new orleans is in the air. almost 200,000 fans have come to the city this weekend, some still getting their tickets. between the san francisco 49ers and the baltimore ravens. who is the favorite to win? it would be a fifth super bowl title for san francisco. while if the ravens win linebacker ray lewis will leave with a second super bowl victory in his 17-year career. this will definitely be the first win for a coach named harbaugh. either ravens coach, john or 49ers coach jim will triumph in
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the first super bowl coached by a pair of brothers. >> who's better than us? >> nobody. >> reporter: but not everyone is tuning in to root for the men on the field. this year's studded performances include alicia keys singing the national anthem. and though beyonce has already proven it, yes, she can sing by herself. the question remains, will she sing with a reunited destiny's child come halftime. there are always the ads. this year's crop, buzzi and controversial as ever. more so than kate upton's provocative mercedes commercial which cost almost $4 million for just 30 seconds. what did you think when you got the call for a super bowl commercial. >> it's a fun spot. why wouldn't i want be to i part of it. >> reporter: i need a prediction. >> i'm pulling for the 49ers. >> reporter: all right. perhaps mercedes' ceo steve shannon put it best in his hope
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for what will happen. >> i'm mostly rooting for a close game. >> reporter: i think steve spoke for all of us in saying that we all hope for a big game and we -- if we get it we'll be getting it here again in this tremendous really quintessential american city in new orleans, nobody better by the way to show us to us than one emeril lagasse. sam and i, a big tour from the man they call around here big chef. >> way to make us jealous, josh. help me out. you're a sports buffer. give me the cliff notes version of what i need to know if i go to a party about this game that makes museum that -- >> reporter: well, bianna, i have you. it is essentially not just a clash of cultures or really even styles, this is really nfl present versus nfl future. in the ravens a big strong armed traditional quarterback in joe flacco looking to throw the ball deep downfield, take advantage of a weak san francisco
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secondary. in the 49ers, however, they have a young speedster. a second year quarterback named named colin kaepernick in a new offense, pistol offense, a running quarterback offense in which the quarterback decides do i hand the ball off or keep it myself and take it to the house? it's going to be interesting to see which wins out, but always, guy, always remember this, as so many super bowls have, it will come down to a battle of turnovers, the team that turns the ball over fewer times will almost certainly win what should be a decidedly close game. >> you couldn't see this but bianna was writing pistol offense and nfl future. >> no, you know what, i can't go on without saying i'm rooting for coach harbaugh's team, right? >> fair enough. >> reporter: not at all. what a wonderful family. i had the chance to talk to sara harbaugh last night, the wife of san francisco 49ers coach jim. as he intense as he and his brother is last night playing
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with the kids getting ready for history just hours from now. >> we'll see you later. thanks so much. our partners at espn have the big game covered. watch "sunday nfl countdown" beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. of course, football isn't the only full contact sport we're talking about today. >> yes, keeping with our football theme, we've made this animation with these helmets smashing together, democrats and republicans smashing everything over a buzzi new picture of the president with his nominee and george stephanopoulos mercifully not wearing a helmet. >> you want me to put one on. >> very flexible. >> in the middle of this huge debate over gun control, the white house just yesterday releasing the picture of the president skeet shooting on his birthday. met with enormous amount of skepticism among members of the media and conservatives. my question is was this smart politics or sort of -- >> this is following up on the interview the president gave, i skeet shoot all the time.
4:15 am
there was a lot of skepticism about that so they put out the photo yesterday. listen, i understand why they put it out. it is not going to persuade one person against his gun control purposes his heart is in their place. there's no way it will lap. i get why the president wants to show he is not averse to all guns at all types. he just wants in their proper class. >> meantime, the president's pick, chuck hagel, faced a rough time last week. did he hurt his performance? >> they're not even arguing he did a good job before the senate on thursday and made several mistakes but he's likely to still get confirmed. in fact, overnight another republican senator mike johan said he would support chuck hagel. that gives him two republican senators. most of the democrats are still behind him so he will get confirmed but that was an uninspiring performance at bet. >> i know you will talk some football and force your roundtable to pick a favorite
4:16 am
super bowl ad. >> force? they were having fun doing it. >> let me force you, what's your favorite ad? >> so far, i mean i like a lot of them. the vw ad i think is hilarious, come on, be happy is fantastic. that go daddy ad is really something to see it kind of squirm inducing, i would say but then on top of that, and they always do it, the new clydesdale ad is a real heart tugger. a lot of them and we're going to get all the round table to weigh in this morning. >> thank you, george. we should mention george has what we call in the business a big get, the man at the center of so much of the action in washington right now, senate majority leader harry reid. later this morning on "this week," thank you again, george and let's quickly get it over to ginger zee for a look at the forecast. >> snowman not a big deal and february you say but this was georg north georgia, 3 to 6 inches from blairsville, not so good on the road. accidents did happen and forced
4:17 am
tow trucks all over. that same type of system, little clippers, light snowmakers hit pittsburgh too and they got about two inches but just north of pittsburgh, cranberry is where the video you're seeing is from, got up to 6 inches and areas around there, skiers around there are very happy. more snow on the way, some happening in eastern tennessee through western north carolina, asheville is on the line of that 3 to 6 which is more of the pink. 6 to 12 where you see the magenta color, buffalo, watertown. lake effect. new orleans, 68, really nice weather. let's get the super bowl forecast. it looks brilliant for all of the revelers coming out for the game so even though the game is inside, good stuff there, clear skies too. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home.
4:18 am
>> even though the dakotas and northern minnesota get the coldest place in the united states, look at this. frozen solid, that's grand haven, manager, a beach i frequent quite a bit in the summers and where i grew up but it doesn't look so nice there. when all that water freezes over the pier and in chicago, look at the bottom there, the sand and the no he with that blowing snow. they've had a couple of inches. trying to get back up but still well below their average. that's a look at the weather now. more coming up. >> thanks, ginger. it's being called one of the biggest oscar snubs of the year, ben affleck ignored for his critically appraised film "argo." he won the director's guild
4:19 am
award after taking home a golden globe and s.a.g. award. reversal of fortune when you consider where his career was heading before he stepped behind the camera. rachel smith joins us from los angeles. this seems to be ben affleck's year. >> it could be, bianna. well, ben affleck's big win last night now makes for an intriguing oscar because dga award winners almost always go on to win the oscar for best director and their movie for best picture. not the case this year. "argo" is nominated for an oscar but its director, ben affleck, isn't. >> ben affleck. >> reporter: another mission accomplished for "argo." >> i tried really hard, i worked really hard at this. >> reporter: its director ben affleck, the first time directors guild of america nominee taking home the award for outstanding directorial achievement for a feature film. >> i'm really lucky in a great place. >> reporter: it is a dramatic high point into his roller
4:20 am
coaster career the after earning an orange one for good good will hunting" bombing in the box office with "gigli" a decade ago and recently gaining hollywood's attention for directing "gone baby gone" and "the town," affleck is riding high. >> look, life ebbs and flows. there are natural difficulties. i had very early success as a very young man. and -- which is difficult to manage. i think at any age but particularly when you're young and i had some stuff work and some didn't and ran afoul of the press a little bit and became overexposed causing me to turn around what do i want to do in this industry and that was around the time i took up directing. >> reporter: affleck was snubbed from the oscar directing category, but "argo" is nominated for a best picture oscar. >> "argo" has won repeatedly throughout the season and now with this, the director's prize going to ben affleck and not spielberg, i think "lincoln" has become the serious underdog.
4:21 am
>> reporter: yet "lincoln" has the most nominations, 12, including best picture and best director. >> and i don't think this makes knee a real director. i think it means i'm on my way. >> reporter: even before he won last night affleck said yesterday just being nominated by the dga gives him a sense of belonging as a director. bianna and dan? >> i think he has a future in the industry. >> i think he does whether he wins for best picture or not. >> well on his way. >> what a turnaround. it's incredible. >> great movie. >> it is a great movie. rachel, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," international mystery. american mother who vanished while on vacation abroad is found stabbed to death. at least nine people are being questioned and our reporters are on the scene retracing her last days. >> bam, before the big day josh and sam get a tour of the big easy from emrile lagasse. find out how a bill girl's tears melted the heart of one of
4:22 am
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♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. not ♪ ♪ i love new orleans. as we count down to the super bowl on this sunday morning we'll show you what happens when our own josh elliott, there he is, and sam champion get a tour of new orleans from the men who practically owns that town, emeril lagasse. good morning, america.
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i'm dan harris. very, very jealous of josh and sam. >> doesn't look like they're having much fun. i love that town, as well. exciting day, good morning, everyone. i'm bianna. it's sunday, february 3rd. also this morning a great story, one of the toughest players in the nfl, but find out how houston's j.j. watt responded to a viral video of a young fan in tears. we'll talk to him live in our football "fixation." >> he is a good guy. i think he's america's next favorite player but first here the unraveling of a mystery involving a mom from new york who went missing while traveling overseas in turkey. the body of 33-year-old sarai sierra has now been found and police are questioning no fewer than nine people. abc's nick schifrin is in istanbul, turkey. >> reporter: good morning, a lot of questions not only who killed sarai sierra but how did her body end up next to a highway on a hill just on the other side of this old city wall? also who are the nine people police are questioning including two women about the death of
4:30 am
this young american mother who was on her first trip overseas. investigators are combing through this scrubland next to the railroad tracks looking for any hints of what happened to the 33-year-old new yorker. police found her body with a head wound and a blanket nearby. still wearing all her clothes even her earrings and a bracelet. they continued to scour this whole city for any clues. police have a new lead they're investigating this morning. they reportedly are speaking to a turkish man whom serai contacted the same day that she disappeared. he says they were supposed to meet in this popular tourist spot that she never showed up. sarai came to istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world to practice photography. a friend canceled at the last minute so she traveled alone chronicling what she saw on her instagram page. this is the last time she was seen surveillance cameras captured her walking through the mall the day before she was due home. she seems calm and eats alone. >> reporter: walked on to this
4:31 am
street two weeks ago, january 20th. walks down this road and then she vanished. american and turkish investigators quickly launched a manhad upts to try to find her. her family rushed here to help the hunt, her husband steven was anxious. >> you have so many thoughts going through your mind. you don't know what to think, what to believe. you do interfoe what it expect. you don't know what's going to come out of it. it ended this tragedy. investigators are trying to understand tantalizing clues. why was she carrying an extra pair of shoes and leave behind her passport, medical cards and phone charger in her rented room. her family hoping for answers. her two sons back home and a heartbroken husband. >> i've been married to her for over 14 years and my love for her is just -- is deeper than i ever had for any individual. >> reporter: one eyewitness reportedly tells police she saw what could have been a body being remove have had a car just down the road from us. it's one more lead in a murder case that is very much still open.
4:32 am
dan? >> thank you, nick schifrin reporting in from turkey this morning. let's take a look at the other stories making headlines overnight. for that john muller is in for ron claiborne out this morning. >> good morning, everybody. in the news this morning, a former marine now in custody suspected of killing ex-navy s.e.a.l. and author of the book "american sniper" chris kyle. he and another man murdered at a gun range in texas. eddie ray routh arrested believed to be suffering from ptsd. israel saying it was responsible for an air strike in syria last week. this footage was released saying it is the aftermath of the attack much the strike hit a convoy of anti-aircraft weapons headed for the militant group hezbollah. nebraska's lawsuit governor resigned because of a phone calling scandal. rick sheehy made thousands of calls to four women on his state issued cell phone during the course of four years. and the inventor of
4:33 am
etch-a-sketch has died. andre kastaniy came up with the idea when he was working as an electrician and i grew up in a house with seven kids and five sisters and we had one of these every year at christmas and i still can't do it well. >> they reel will are fun. >> are you good at it. >> it's hard to be good at it. ginger zee will do her whole forecast on this. >> i made a lightning bolt. it's terrible. not really anybody will see a lightning bolt. let me put that down. look here at the pacific northwest, high prab has been in control and will stay that way for a couple of i dass. what that means is more fog and smog so stagnant air. high in reno, 53, redding, 63. but put it in motion and the next graphic for you. i have to have girard do it because it looks like it's not working. neighbor the etch a sketch got in the way. cold air pouring into the
4:34 am
northeast. later in the week we'll see a little moderation, 34 for new york city on tuesday. washington, d.c. will see 41 by the time we get to the midweek time period. that is the big picture. let's get a check now a little closer to home. >> i'm just going to keep working on this because i need a lot of work. you're right, john. >> so hard. >> this is terrible. >> girard getting a shoutout in the forecast. >> girard smith upstair, thank goodness. >> can't do the show without him. >> thank you, ginger. coming up here on "gma" getting an eyeful of the big easy. see what josh elliott uncovers as he tours it with sam champion and emeril lagasse. the teary-eyed little girl who couldn't wait to marry her nfl hero. find out what he did to win one of the biggest smiles you'll
4:35 am
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>> new orleans can be a wild place even on a slow day and i
4:39 am
speak from a measure of experience here. so you can always imagine what it's like on this weekend with the super bowl today and mardi gras right around the corner. >> i want to hear your experience. >> i shouldn't have said that. right now we'll talk about the football game. if you're going to tour the big easy may have well do it in style. if you're josh elliott take a couple of friend as long for the ride. josh, you got a couple of friends you left here in new york. >> reporter: i know and i'm sorry. actually i want to hear much more about dan's experience in new orleans. more later today, dan. yeah, i was lucky enough to tag along with my man sam and our pal robin roberts as she made her homecoming to the gulf coast and as we hit the town, look, there's no one better to show it to you the man who virtually owns it, the one, the only emeril lagasse. ♪ i figured if we're going to really hit new orleans for the big game we needed to recruit the biggest man in town. >> if there's a better man to be
4:40 am
driving you around this town, i don't know. bam. emeril lagasse, who's called the cress scent city his professional home for over 30 years. what was your first job here, emeril, 1982? >> my first job i took over commander's palace. >> a famous spot. >> reporter: they're still my family and fell in love with the city and the people and the food, of course. >> reporter: sam and i were beat from a long day of travel so emeril gave us a lift to cafe du monde to grab some coffee and beignets and along the way he showed us his new orleans. shockingly. there was a lot of talk of food. >> fret famous for muffeletas. they're eating lunch and talking about where they're going to have dinner. >> and, of course, we can't forget this. ♪ >> this spot right here is tons of music like you just heard,
4:41 am
tons of music will be happening there. ♪ >> reporter: and the whole city decked for both the super bowl and the annal bacanal of mardi gras. the streets are packed. >> emeril. >> reporter: but enough about that, i had other priorities. >> the recipe for what else, coffee and beignets. established in 1862. 151 years and this is all we serve. >> reporter: my craving satisfy emeril insisted there was more to new orleans life than delicious, delicious beignets. >> mm-mm. >> what? what? >> reporter: last but not at all least, we followed em to one of his favorite eateries, nola which can only be described as not just any chicken wing. >> don't be afraid. >> reporter: i'm a little afraid. >> don't be afraid.
4:42 am
chicken. >> reporter: well, i have lost my audio but i will tell you guys, emeril lagasse, he owns this town. we couldn't walk five, six feet without having somebody run, hug and thank him for just being him. terrific, what a day. think it all ends with the super bowl, folks here, you're wrong. mardi gras, literally days away. it's -- who are we kidding. dan harris can ably report it's mardi gras 365 days a year. who are we kidding. >> that is true and i can sense josh is angling for a return assignment to new orleans. >> that city is so special, i don't blame him. >> great tour. we appreciate it. meet the football who made the play of the day for his youngest fan, there she is. we'll talk to him live about what he did for this extraordinary young girl. [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
4:43 am
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♪ hey, welcome back. we got a football "fixation" this morning. i'm fixated on these massive cheeseburgers we have in front of us but we need to talk about something else they're telling me. let me tell you about there's some counterprogramming involving animals. they have the puppy bowl on animal planet and during the super bowl, they're going to have a halftime show of beyonce but the puppy bowl has a halftime show of kitten, this is what we call a future leaning fix yaks. a lot will be fixated on this tonight. those kittens are actually pretty cute.
4:48 am
>> yes. all right, so another -- i don't know if it's cute but it's definitely interesting, the denver mayor, the mayor of denver wanted to give a little attention to his super bowl pick so let's look. ♪ ♪ so hot and ♪ ho >> this is in front of his whole -- >> was he aware they were rolling on that? >> i think he's happy that they're rolling on that. >> tell you what, ray lewis has a little competition there. >> and listen -- you can't hear, he says, all right, let's get to business. >> yep. >> so what dan does every morning before he goes on the air. >> the story we've been teasing, j.j. watt, the houston texan player breaks lots of hears left and right. broke 6-year-old bree-ana's heart. >> you wanted to do what? >> marry j.j. watt. >> you want to marry j.j. watt? >> so, what happens?
4:49 am
>> you need to be 25. >> j.j. watt proposes. >> would you be my pretend wife for the day? >> with a ring pop. >> oh. no more crying. i don't like it when you cry. >> those are tears of happiness for little bree-ana. s she's not 25 yet but she's married now or so -- >> off the hook with a ring pop. >> and j.j. watt is joining us live now, good morning. thanks so much for coming on. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so what inspired you about bree-ana's story? >> oh, i mean obviously i never like to see a young fan crying so to see the video that bree-ana sent, it kind of hit me. it touched my heart so it was really cool that we could make it heart and need to thank all of my twitter fans and facebook fans helping me find her. >> great selection with the ring. can't go wrong with a ring pop. >> thank you. i appreciate it. we were very excited. i had the blue one, she had the
4:50 am
pink one. we were all set. >> i heard you did a little dancing. what was your first dance? >> our first dance, her favorite artist is justin bieber so we did a little dance to justin bieber and it was beautiful. >> how do you feel being lumped together you and justin bieber? >> it's a little odd combination, but i'll do anything for little bree-ana. on her wedding day she deserves whatever she wants. >> j.j., thanks so much. we appreciate i we'll be right back. ♪ we weren't really morning people. we're vampires after all. but then we tried new nutri-grain fruit crunch bar. it's so crunchy. crunchy granola, mmmm... made with real fruit, 20 grams of whole grains. now, we love mornings. it's amazing what we're getting done. ♪ [ laughs ] whoa. slow down, boy. mornings. who knew? new kellogg's nutri-grain fruit crunch. love the morning.
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4:54 am
with one of these on your hand. >> yeah. >> thank you to bounce sporting club for the largest burgers in north america. we appreciate that. >> next weekend we take on our next challenge climbing mt. washington. you won't want to miss it. gwe t next challenge climbing mt. washington. you won't want to miss it. iwe tr next challenge climbing mt. washington. you won't want to miss it. ngwe our next challenge climbing mt. washington. you won't want to miss it. ewe t
4:55 am
our next challenge climbing mt. washington. our next challenge climbing mt.
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4:58 am
>> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a first look of
4:59 am
the weather with lisa argen. >> looking to roof camera, you can anticipate the giants playing later today. low clouds are banked up along the shoreline. temperatures in the mid-40s and whether he look for a little more in the way of clearing today. more mechanics. a northerly flow and with that temperatures will climb into the mid-60s with more sunshine. right now we are anywhere between about 45 in san francisco to the mid-and upper 40s in san jose. for the evening hours with a little more clearing it will be cool. numbers in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. we are looking at a couple more dry days before a pattern change. i'll have that with you with the seven-day outlook. >> 49'ers, lisa, 49'ers. it is super bowl sunday. the 49er faithful are ready for this afternoon's kickoff. win or lose, crowds may spill into the streets after the game, and security is going to be tight. abc7 news reporter kira klapper joins us live along the embarcadero with the
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